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HireVue product overview

HireVue builds a flexible, faster and fairer hiring procedure with structure and automation by removing manual tasks, elevating candidate experience and helping to make informed decisions.

  1. Text Recruiting: It helps to engage with your candidates via text without using your personal device.
  2.  Automation Powered by Text: Hirevue's text-powered recruiting assistant allows you to hire 4x faster in an engaging way.
  3. Interview Builder: Automated interview questions, evaluation guides and templates for any job role help to build great interviews.
  4. Assessments: Interview-based, game-based coding assessment helps to get insight into candidate potential and skill.
  5. Scheduling: Automated interview scheduling and rescheduling simplified the interview process.
  6. Interview and Hire: Live and video interviewing for speedy and accurate hiring.

Features of HireVue

Text Recruiting

  • 1:1 or campaign messaging: send personalized messages or SMS campaigns to source from your existing talent pool.
  • Individual or team inboxes: text candidates or your team instantly for last-minute updates without using your personal phone.
  • Secure, compliant texting: Privacy protection for both your HR, IT and legal teams and the candidates.

Automation Powered by Text

  • Choose quality candidates: The AI recruitment system ensures a smart, chat-based quality candidate hiring system.
  • Automated workflow: Automatically include candidates in your ATS after interaction and text them the following steps.
  • Save time: Eliminate the effort and time required for the recruiters to contact with automatic WhatsApp invites, reminders and updates.

Interview Builder

  • Structured interviews: Speed-up evaluation and time-to-interview with provided templates.
  • Automated interview questions: get access to better interview content with behaviour-based questions to analyze competencies.
  • Assess skills: The in-hand job-related attributes and IO psychologists' validated behaviour examples can help assess talents instantly.


  • Interview assessment: Candidate assessment software helps to combine skills and interview assessment.
  • Game-based assessment: quickly prioritize candidates based on internal mobility and leadership potential assessment games.
  • Coding assessment: coding test screening measures relevant competencies for your company.


  • Invitation and reminders via Text: pre-set rules for each position help to automatically invite quality candidates for the next step of the hiring process.
  • Self-scheduling: Sms or email can allow the candidates to self-schedule for interviews.
  • Time-saving: Manage to host hiring events faster by sending invitations to the registrants via email or text.

Interview and Hire

  • Easy accessibility: access to interviews anytime, anywhere and engaging conversational AI.
  • Flexibility: interview guides, evaluation tools, automated candidate routing, shareable recordings and enhanced candidate experience provides a flexible interview platform.
  • ATS integration: Seamless integration into your ATS reduces redundancies and friction from your recruitment processes.

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