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May 2020

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Founded in

May 2020

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Seattle, Washington, United States

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G2, High Performer, Fall, 2022

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TeamSense product overview

Make your employees', HR team', and managers' lives easier. Teamsense is a comprehensive system that can handle everything from reporting absences to managing time off to tracking engagement through pulse surveys. TeamSense is a mobile communications platform that allows hourly teams to communicate with their employers via text. Employers can use it to modernize out-of-date absence management tools and communication methods.

TeamSense also modernizes the experience of hourly team members through text-to-apply recruiting, employee feedback and pulse surveys, a mobile employee self-service portal, and other features. It offers a login-free experience, making the system simple to use.

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Features of TeamSense

Absence management

  • text-based attendance management 
  • centralized communications
  • attendance management

Employee communication

  • connecting with workforce
  • all employees have access to communication channels 
  • pttulse surveys 


  • receive feedback from all members of the team 
  • have pulse survey options 
  • reach out to employees 
  • team dashboard

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TeamSense pricing

Pro- $5.00

Premium - $3.00

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Free version availability


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Suitable for

All companies

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