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G2 - Top 25 ANZ Sellers, Best Software Award, 2022

Xref product overview

An ISO 27001 compliant product, Xref has rewritten the standards of the reference and background checking services industry. As a global solution, it provides a single-point platform for businesses to rapidly make reference checks, ID checks, and background checks securely. The technology is simple to use, and executives can conduct reference checks, reference templates, talent sourcing, and background checks on one application for a seamless workflow. The product is accessible from all devices and is technically compatible with integration with HR tools or ATS platforms used across the industry. Xref is the single-name solution for end-to-end recruitment for all organizational sizes.

Features of Xref

Reference checks

  • Automated reference checking 
  • Takes less than 30 seconds to request one employee reference
  • Delivers validation and checking results in 24 hours 
  • GDPR compliant ISO 27001 certification 
  • Bulk reference checking 
  • Unlimited references 
  • Automated templates

Reference templates

  • Create your template for free reference checks
  • Custom-building the template for the role, industry, and core competencies
  • Template builder with a questionnaire 
  • Use the question library to generate the right question mix
  • Ensures compliance with GDPR and prevents potential breaches

Talent sourcing

  • Competitive turnaround time for hiring 
  • Sourcing and retaining talent is candidate-led
  • Quick verification of candidates
  • Benchmark candidates 

Background checks

  • Best-in-class technology for employee background checking
  • Candidates identify verification via biometrics 
  • Verifying documents for one-time validation via digital identity sources

Analytics and insights

  • Seek out feedback and review based on insights
  • Core competency graph for benchmarking candidate
  • Using a sentiment engine to measure voice tone or visual analysis
  • Track with key metrics 

Security and compliance

  • ISO 2007 standard ensures compliance with GDPR
  • Remain informed about data storage in the multiregional setting


  • Easy integration with everyday work tools for single-platform hiring solutions 
  • Compatible with LinkedIn Talent Hub, Avature, Bullhorn, Express, and more

Xref pricing

Custom pricing

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Suitable for

Large and medium-sized firms that have around 300-5000 employees


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