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Lindon, Utah, U.S.


G2 Best Usability 2022, Software Advice Front Runners 2022

BambooHR product overview

A digital-first HR product, BambooHR, directs your people’s data flow to one streamline platform. It has become an essential product for automating processes in organizations, centralizing them and connecting them with others, all on a single platform.

People Data & Analytics - Manage all of your private employee information in one, safe HR database.

Hiring -  Organized applicant information throughout the hiring process, allowing you to focus on finding the right talent for the job and providing a positive candidate experience.

Onboarding - With customizable preboarding packages, you can collect electronic signatures and make it simple to set up new hires ahead of time with welcome emails and IT checklists. 

Compensation - Payroll software that offers a simple three-step process, federal and state tax filing, excellent customer service, and a single source of data. Additional features include time and attendance tracking with hassle free project tracking. It also allows tracking of paid time off with ease and minimal fuss. 

Culture - With Bamboo HR’s eNPS®, HR executives can get valuable insights into their employee satisfaction. This performance appraisal software gets to the heart of effective performance management using a few brief questions that encourage actions while limiting subjectivity and speculation. 

Features of BambooHR

People Data and Analytics

  • Employee Records
  • Workflows & Approvals
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Mobile App

Hiring and onboarding

  • Applicant Tracking System(ATS)
  • Mobile Hiring APP
  • New-Hire Onboarding
  • Offboarding
  • Electronic Signatures


  • Time Tracking
  • Paid Time Off(PTO)
  • Payroll


  • Performance Management
  • Employee Satisfaction with eNPS
  • Employee Wellbeing

BambooHR pricing

Essentials at $5.25/m

Advantage: $8.75/m

Free version availability


Suitable for

Small, medium and large, MSME etc.


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