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Moncton, New Brunswick

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G2 - Top 50 HR Products, Best Software Award, 2022

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VidCruiter product overview

VidCruiter is a video recruiting platform that allows companies to switch to an easy online interviewing process. Thousands of HR teams use the option of live or video interviewing as an efficient, precise, fast, and affordable way to help find the best candidate for any role in an organization. 

VidCruiter has helped to replace old methods such as phone interviews, which consumed a lot of time in the process. This product was the result of over 10 years of strategic recruitment experience and input from thousands of recruiters. The platform not only allows hiring to be completed at a faster pace, but it also improves the candidate experience and follows through with documented processes for a standardized process that can be repeated. It also eliminates the scope of biased hiring. It automates administrative tasks that are repetitive.

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Features of VidCruiter

Recruitment suite

  • To manage the full cycle of recruitment
  • Advances workflow engine 
  • Improves candidate experience
  • Recruitment software tracking and reporting

Talent management

  • Multiple interviews and candidate interactions
  • Connects with candidates
  • Advanced workflow system 
  • Recruitment software automation


  • Secure cloud storage
  • Multilingual
  • Integration for other tools

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VidCruiter pricing

Custom quotation only 

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Free version availability


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Suitable for

Small and large organizations

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