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Pendo Customer Award for Most Impactful Feedback Program

TalentReef product overview

TalentReef is a cloud-operated recruitment and talent management software platform, especially for remote-workforce or decentralized workforce that bills by the hour. In addition, TalentReef focuses on sourcing candidates, conducting background checks, assessing compliance, and benchmarking. The suite of services adds value to the employment cycle of any organization. The process of implementation has been the basis of its continued success. 

The team members of TalentReef have years of experience specific to the industry. It has one of the leading Net Promoter Scores (NPS) along with a high ratio of time to implementation vs. time-to-value by standardized processes.

Features of TalentReef


  • Location-based, high-volume hiring
  • Fast application process 
  • Candidate communications 
  • Talent community
  • Source reporting 


  • Configurable workflows 
  • Flexible with the brand, location, and position customization
  • Digital onboarding 
  • Integration with third parties like payroll, WOTC, background checks, and more


  • Self-service for employees 
  • Training, performance assessment, and management
  • Feedback is given after a goals-based evaluation 
  • Add or change training content

Customer success model

  • Unique database for hours recruiting based on 100,000 locations 
  • Expert team support 
  • Available round the clock 
  • Communications across channels 
  • Improve and target applicants for optimized numbers

TalentReef pricing

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Mid to large size companies


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