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Spark Hire helps businesses get the right people on board with an impressive number of interviews and background checks (including criminal and housing) in a quick time frame. More than 6,000 of Spark Hire's customers have hired over 3 million people as a result. 

With the easiest-to-use product and unsurpassed customer service, Spark Hire is quickly becoming the most popular video interview platform on the market. 

Their one-way video interview feature allows users to create, invite, review and share completed interviews on-demand. A much more convenient solution than the traditional timelapse recording process. 

Using Spark Hire organizations can conduct interviews without the need for an office or waiting room, instead doing it online and on the computer or using a webcam. The candidate can respond after their interview, on their own time. This can conserve resources and save money when done well with proper video editing software.

Companies can save time and effort with thorough interviews by using candidate evaluation tools. They can also organize shortlists, rate candidates, and send rejection emails to ensure that the right person gets hired. Managers of HR can set up interview tags so you can quickly filter through a list of candidates interviewing for the same job. Not just this but Spark's collaboration tools allow recruiters and hiring managers to share interviews for instant feedback.

Spark Hire integrates with popular calendars and helps you schedule interviews. Managers can take advantage of the custom scheduling system and send a personalized URL to candidates who will then be able to view how they're able to schedule. From there, they can select a time you're both mutually available.

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Lite: $149/month

Pro: $249/month

Team: $599/month

Enterprise: Contact Spark Hire for pricing.

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