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Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia


Crozdesk Software Awards Winner – Recruitments & Applications (2020)

TalentLyft product overview

TalentLyft is a software company that makes recruiting software so that hiring can be done faster and easier. They develop solutions that help companies to find, contact, attract and hire the best talent for the users.  

  1. Source – This tool enables recruiters to find the best candidates for the job available by increasing visibility and inviting more prospective employees.
  2. Engage – This tool helps to nurture and engage the candidates and helps to keep a talent database for the company using its Talent CRM feature.
  3. Convert -   This tool ensures that candidates choose the company by setting up attractive career sites and talent pools.
  4. Track – This is an Applicant Tracking System which can be customized as per the needs of the company.
  5. Analysis – This tool provides insights and analysis so as to discover and remove bottlenecks and improve the overall hiring process.

Features of TalentLyft


  • Let your employees bring you qualified candidates through referrals.
  • Posts on multiple job boards and reach active candidates in a second.
  • Fill your sourcing pipeline with qualified prospects.
  • Rediscovers talent you have already attracted.
  • Get more visibility on Social Media.
  • GDPR compliance, External Recruiters and Analytics.


  1. Keep your talent database up to date with powerful Talent CRM.
  2. Easily organize and segment your talent pool.
  3. Nurture candidates with personalized email campaigns.
  4. Utilize rich candidate profiles to deliver the right message at the right time.
  5. Boost your hiring team's productivity.
  6. ATS and Talent CRM in one solution.


  1. Attract candidates with an amazing career site.
  2. Grow your talent pools and fill positions faster.
  3. Get more visibility with career events.
  4. Help candidates experience your company’s culture.
  5. Analyze and improve your career site performance.
  6. Understand your Candidate’s Journey.


  1. A flexible ATS that adapts to your needs.
  2. Automatic interview scheduling.
  3. Evaluate, test, and choose the best candidates.
  4. Merge and duplicate detection, Resume parsing, Auto-disqualification, and Job Management.


  1. Tracking and monitoring real-time and historical recruitment data.
  2. Comparing and analyzing to get valuable insights on what needs improvement.
  3. Assisting in making decisions based on collected insights.

TalentLyft pricing

Starter Plan – The price is $124.17/month

Pro Plan – The price is $249.17/ month

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Suitable for

Small, Medium, Large, and MSME


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