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Gem product overview

Gem offers to provide you real-time data, centralize workflows and engage talent at scale so that you can recruit efficiently in any environment. Gem helps you to nurture long-term relationships, enhance employer brand, save working hours and more.

Talent CRM: Gem centralizes and merges all data across different recruiting systems for the talent teams to maintain talent pools, juggle fewer tools and build longlasting relationships with active and pasive talent

Talent Sourcing and Outreach: Gem offers talent sourcing for the recruiters and sourcers to stay in touch with the talent for near and distant future hiring needs.

Pipeline Management: Gem promotes simplification of everyday candidate management and helps to easily collaborate with top hiring managers to notice and get in touch with candidates.

Talent Compass: Surface data across your ATS and Gem to strategically recruit candidates by planning goals and forecast, cost-saving insights and improving operational efficiency.

Features of Gem

Talent CRM

  • Juggle fewer tools:  Tap into company-customer relationship data from your recruiting tools.
  • Build a wide talent database: Easily tack and add candidates from your known sourcing sites.
  • Maintain your CRM: Leverage data refresh and automation to track the real-time developmants on each profile in the database.
  • Capture touchpoints: Visualize your relationship history with the candidate across email, ATS, LinkedIn and many more platforms.

Talent Sourcing and Outreach

  • Keep talent warm: Helps to stay in touch with talented candidates so that you won’t have to start employing from the scratch.
  • Improve sourcing effectiveness: Helps to save money, time and effort with the help of automation so that your sourcing efforts are multiplied.
  • Differentiate your company: Helps to attract candidates in future by highlighting unique differentiators of your company.

Pipeline Management

  • Own your relationship with the hiring manager: You can talk to your hirig manager with a proper knowledge on every candidate.
  • Upgrade from spreadsheets: You can manage candidates with a real-tie candidate board.
  • Deliver a smooth experience: Flag candidates to be informed with feedback before they choose other jobs.

Talent Compass

  • Visualize your funnel: Track the recruiting activities of your team in synced platform.
  • Make informed decisions: Centralize insights and identify bottlenecks to optimise the recruiting method.
  • Collaborative recruitment: Support company strategies and collaborate with functional leaders and partners.

Gem pricing

In the range of $4,000 annually 

Free version availability

No, only a free 14-day trial is available

Suitable for

Small, medium and large, MSME 


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