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G2, High Performer, Fall, 2022

Qualifi product overview

A technology-first, human resource solution, Qualifi crafts recruiting processes that are designed for the real world and offer a no-frills solution for your talent crunch problem. It is an essential tool when companies need to hire in huge volumes. The process of phone interviews is automated, allowing recruiters to use a solution that is built for the specific purpose of recruiters. Teams can constantly provide feedback and improve the hiring process. Considering that the hiring cycle for candidates is typically ten days, using phone-based interviews to quicken the hiring process ensures quality candidates. The phone interviews usually take six to eight days for the whole process. However, with Qualifi as a tool, the majority of the phone interview responses can be cut down to a day. Therefore, recruiters have a very powerful tool in Qualifi to scale processes, bring in efficiency, and speed up the entire talent-hiring process.

Features of Qualifi

On-demand phone interviews

  • Tool for same day hiring 
  • Supports asynchronous phone interviews
  • Record questions and send invitations to candidates 
  • Candidates response typically in 24 hours over the phone 
  • Review and sharing with team 
  • Employee search engine 
  • Hiring goals 
  • Screening efficiency is increased by 80%
  • Diversity is primary

Team collaboration

  • interviewing tool to build talent engine
  • Capability to send phone interview screening invites
  • Collaboration in real-time 
  • Direct interaction with hiring managers on the platform 
  • Invite hiring managerial teams to share feedback
  • Team members can review answers of candidates
  • Tracking application via hiring process 

Voice-to-text transcriptions

  • Simplified review process 
  • Identify keywords from response of candidates 
  • Shareable response pdf from hiring managers 
  • Review audio file or transcript of interviews

Qualifi pricing

Lite - $199 /month

Standard - $299 /month

Team - $549 /month

Enterprise - custom quote

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