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Calendly product overview

You can manage your meeting calendar with Calendly, an appointment-scheduling software program. To prevent instances of double booking, it syncs every one of your schedules. You are immediately informed of canceled or rescheduled meetings thanks to the program's built-in automated reminders. To provide the utmost in appointment scheduling simplicity, the system also enables you to quickly share a booking widget by simply copying and pasting a shareable link. Mobile devices running iOS and Android can be used to install the software as a service (SaaS) product Calendly.

  • Routing forms- Ask website visitors or invitees for information, and then direct them to the appropriate person or resource depending on their responses. available on Professional and higher-tier programs.
  • Embed options- Integrate Calendly into your website to simplify scheduling, boost conversions, and provide a seamless user experience.
  • Team scheduling -Invitees can plan meetings based on several options that are displayed on a single page. Combine and contrast different meeting styles to provide a range of hosts and availability.
  • Calendar connections- With the help of up to six connected personal and professional calendars, Calendly automates scheduling based on availability in the present.
  • Analytics- Discover activity and trends so you can adjust schedules to achieve your objectives, such as common meeting days, best scorers, and popular meeting types.
  • Meeting polls- With just one scheduling tool, you can quickly send meeting surveys, identify the most popular times, and schedule your meeting.

Features of Calendly

Routing forms

  • Evaluate and choose website visitors or invited parties
  • Create a time-saving schedule for everyone
  • Create and publish a form in seconds.

Embed options

  • Instantly add one-click scheduling to your website.
  • By pasting a single line of code, conversion rates can be increased.

Team scheduling

  • Automatic scheduling of meetings
  • Intelligent multi-person scheduling
  • Provide choices to visitors to Present a number of meeting options on a single page

Calendar connections

  • Check availability instantly across several calendars
  • Sync with all of the most widely used calendars
  • Automatically add meeting venue information


  • Logical and useful insights
  • Improved scheduling and planning
  • Monitor team progress and objectives
  • Strategize using analysis rather than intuition

Meeting polls

  • Schedule and voting in one location
  • Cross-time zone scheduling made simple
  • Always without ads

Calendly pricing

Premium: $10/month

Pro: $15/month

Enterprise: Custom

Free version availability

Free 14-day trial of their professional package

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