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ClearCompany product overview

ClearCompany is a solution built for every organization’s need to hire new talent, retain quality talent, or engage top talent. It is a cutting-edge talent management product that gives companies an edge over competitors. The award-winning platform creates solutions that fit the unique goals and roles of your company. The spectrum of function services includes applicant tracking, performance management, onboarding, employee engagement, workforce planning, and analytics. The advantage of ClearCompany is that it helps find more candidates, and use the attributes of the best players to hire and source the next best talent for your company. The platform provides the best tools to retain top talent, with easy-to-use performance management that helps you retain talent.

Features of ClearCompany

Applicant tracking system

  • Nearly 90% hiring success rate and faster cycles
  • Comprehensive recruiting platform for state-of-the-art tools
  • Better mobile experience 
  • Interview scheduling 
  • Texting tools 
  • Scorecards and guides 
  • Powerful analytics improves tracking efficiencies

Paperless onboarding

  • Better onboarding experience leads to 69% higher employee engagement
  • Workflow and task automation 
  • Onboarding administration
  • Tracking compliance tools, background checks, verifying employment eligibility

Performance management

  • 95% employees are dissatisfied with appraisal process
  • Peer and 30 reviews 
  • Time-based reviews 
  • Performance analytics

Employee engagement

  • 85% US workers feel their efforts are recognized 
  • 69% state that when efforts are appreciated they would work harder
  • Improved employee recognition 
  • Engagement tools

Workforce planning and analytics

  • Key focus is that 80% senior-level decision making is people planning 
  • Talent planning tools 
  • Talent strategy with business goals and budgets

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