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G2 leader Winter 2022

JazzHR product overview

JazzHR is an intuitive recruitment platform that helps organizations rank and track new candidates with ease. From candidate sourcing to applicant tracking and collaborative hiring, JazzHR gives you a head start over traditional hiring practices. The value add of this product is the employer branding possibility, giving companies a unique opportunity to create hiring processes. It also helps in building interviews and assessments as and when the hiring need arises. The white-lable and eSignature features are widely appreciated by its high-net worth clientele.

Features of JazzHR

Applicant tracking

  • Built for growing businesses
  • Optimizing recruitment process 
  • Customizing the process
  • Discussing candidate with other team members using latest activities 
  • Eliminate redundant tasks 
  • Recruit workflows 
  • Task automation
  • Feedback loops

Candidate sourcing

  • Post jobs online 
  • Resumes can be screened with ease 
  • Reliable services

Candidate experience

  • Applications review
  • Offer letters 
  • Bes texperience for candidates

Collaborative hiring

  • Track team participation 
  • Manage team participation 
  • Input points at any stage of candidate lifecycle

Interviews and assessing

  • New approach to interview process 
  • Automated tasks 
  • Align with needs of hiring team

Offers and e-signatures

  • Digitized services 
  • Manage offer letter process 
  • Automated on-boarding

Compliance and reporting

  • Identify inefficiencies 
  • Find opportunities for recruiting process

JazzHR pricing

Hero - $89/m on annual plan

Plus - $239/m on annual plan

Pro - $359/m on annual plan

Free version availability


Suitable for

Large and small organizations


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