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April 2015

Founded in

April 2015


Mountain View, California, United States


Best DEI-Enabling Solution, in the Talent Acquisition Category

HireEZ product overview

HireEZ offers to connect jobs to candidates with an outbound approach for engaging and spotting quality talent. HireEZ boasts of better talent, quicker engagement and stronger ATC Sync.

Customer Focused

The AI-powered outbound recruitment platform helps recruiters equip themselves with better systems and strategies to find qualified candidates.

  1. EZ Sourcing- It helps to unleash access to untapped talent pools
  2. EZ Engagement- Ensures effective outreach with measurable responses
  3. EZ Insights- helps in data-driven recruitment with critical benchmarking insights
  4. EZ Rediscovery- helps to dedupe, enrich and rediscover profiles in your ATS
  5. EZ Integration- helps to seamlessly integrate with your tech stack
  6. EZ Collaboration- ease of access to a centralised workspace to manage your recruiting teams.

Industry Focused

HireEZ’s Industry focused system helps high-performing enterprise companies and startups to move faster, stay proactive with the talent pipelines, ensure to reach leads first with email campaigns and tracking and facilitate seamless talent management with ATS integrations.

  1. Tech/IT Tech:  Helps companies to scale the IT Workforce and hard-to-find roles like full-stack developers, product owners, software engineers with scrum, cloud, DevOps and agile experience, SDLC professionals, and underrepresented candidates from different minority groups.
  2. Staffing:  HireEZ’s industry-focused solutions help great staffing agencies drive conversions, and generate revenue with a quality talent platform for their client.
  3. Healthcare/Non-profit: HireEZ’s recruitment software helps health hiring teams overcome talent shortages with contact-finding and targeted sourcing.
  4. Security and defence: Helps to reach cleared professionals who have the requirements, experiences and skills for open projects.

Features of HireEZ

EZ sourcing

  • AI helps to discover hard-to-find candidates
  • Get market insights and analytics to build data-driven and scalable sourcing and engagement strategies.

EZ engagement

  • You can ccess email, contact information, and social media account for direct communication.
  • AI powered engagement brings consistent results.
  • It provides ease-of-use.

EZ insights

  • It helps to develop strategic work plans to make the right decisions.
  • Access competitor-specific benchmarking data.
  • Get talent insights.

EZ Rediscovery

  • It maximises the value of the ATS database by deduplicating and enriching your existing profiles.
  • Builds seamless workflow for hiring team
  • Unlocks the value of your existing database of candidates.

EZ integration

  • Directly integrates with API connections and apps.
  • Offers powerful integration.

EZ Collaboration

  • Add or remove members with admin, member and collaborator licenses.
  • Segregate recruiting teams into different focus groups to accommodate current hiring needs.
  • Access weekly performance.
  • Oversee all projects and reassign ownership of projects.

HireEZ pricing

Standard- $70/mo

Professional- $199/ mo

Free version availability

No, only a free 14-day trial is available

Suitable for

Small, medium and large, MSME etc.


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