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PlanSource product overview

PlanSource is a cloud-based Benefits administration solution to help consultants, employers and insurance carriers to manage billing, enrollment, compliance and more.

  1. Benefits outsourcing: It includes all aspects of the employee benefits program including new hire and life event processing to integrations with payroll systems and insurance carriers.
  2. Employee contact centre: It educates your employees and helps them get enrolled in the suitable benefits and plans for their families and themselves.
  3. Billing reconciliation and payment: Helps to gather monthly carrier bills and calculate self-reported totals as well as handles payments to insurance carriers and else.
  4. COBRA administration: it takes care of generating and communicating initial and qualifying event notices so you don't need to worry about compliance or penalty issues.
  5. HSA/FSA/HRA Administration: It offers fully managed tax-advantaged benefit accounts including health saving accounts, health reimbursement accounts and Flexible Spending accounts that add value to your benefits program and reduce the payroll tax obligations.
  6. Dependent verification: It identifies individuals who are not eligible to participate in a benefit plan and saves business costs.
  7. Custom communication: It maximizes employee engagement with customized benefit materials and campaigns.
  8. ACA Add-on services: ACA state reporting and fulfilment services ensure to submission of state-required healthcare data and save time by outsourcing form printing and distribution to employees.

Features of PlanSource

Benefits outsourcing

  • Help with managing employee benefits and procedures.
  • Answers all employee questions, advocates for the employees and provides phone-based enrollment.
  • Helps to comply with internal policies and Government regulations.

Employee contact centre

  • Login assistance in case passwords get lost and security questions are forgotten
  • Help with "How Do I" questions
  • Employee-friendly help from expert staff on-demand

Billing reconciliation and payment

  • Syncs the bills to ensure accurate payments and saves time.
  • Handles enrollment and carrier records
  • Minimizes risk by ensuring that correct premium payments are made to insurance carriers.

COBRA administration

  • It assumes liability and indemnifies employers who use this service.
  • It ensures to fulfil compliance requirements on your behalf.

HSA/FSA/HRA Administration

  • Employees enjoy increased control over their healthcare.
  • Employers can attract talents with compelling benefits
  • With higher pre-tax contributions, employers pay fewer payroll taxes.

Dependent verification

  • Reduces monthly medical premium costs
  • Improves compliance with SPDs, HR policies etc.
  • Reduces stop-loss exposure.

Custom communication

  • Helps to hire educated employees
  • Better benefit attracts higher engagement
  • You'll be able to reduce presenteeism and increase productivity

ACA Add-on services

  • State filling setup and report transmission for states
  • Easy form review and approval
  • Technology for managing support and corrections.

PlanSource pricing

Starts from $4 per month

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Small, medium and large, MSME etc.


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