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CodeSignal product overview

CodeSignal is a specialized platform for the technical assessment of engineering candidates. It overcomes the traditional form of hiring, which is using a resume to identify top coding talent. Instead, it allows companies to - Tech Screen, Pre-Screen, or Interview - to simulate the hiring role. Recruitment teams will then complete fair and predictive evaluations and complete their hiring process. 

As a Cloud Integrated Development Environment (IDE), it supports a large number of automated evaluation skills - Java Spring, NoSQL, React, Debugging, Refactoring, and a very broad range of technologies and frameworks. The twin advantages of using CodeSignal’s assessment platform are to save engineering resources and improve the candidate experience. Hiring the right talent is faster, and the candidate pipeline yield is also higher. 

Features of CodeSignal

Data-driven recruitment

  • Helps in making objective hiring decisions using skill assessment data 
  • Screening solution addresses, screening, test question design, test delivery and result analysis 
  • Validated and proctored assessment 
  • Fast and scalable results 
  • Research-based platform backs pre-screen assessments

Simplified result analysis

  • Predictive on-site interview performance of candidate
  • Compare the skill level of candidates against global developers
  • Reach top-of-the-funnel candidates 
  • Ideal for university recruiting


  • Improve candidate assessment with online proctoring 
  • Plagiarism-checker assess integrity of assessment 

Technically advanced Coding Environment

  • Monaco-powered IDE
  • Visual Studio code environment 
  • Syntax highlighting 
  • Auto complete
  • Inline documentation on hover
  • Configurable settings

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