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Qualified product overview

Qualified is a cloud-based platform that helps to assess the skills of software engineers through coding assessments. Recruiters can use the platform to measure and compare the technical competencies of various candidates. Post the coding assessment, the tool provides results and reports along with live playback of coding done by the candidates that will help recruiters in taking an informed and bias-free decision.

The goal of the company is to provide developer-friendly solutions which help in analyzing the technical skills of candidates. The platform has been developed keeping users in mind and uses integrated testing frameworks for a seamless coding experience.

Qualified has a lot of products to offer and some of them are as follows - 

  1. Q&A Challenge Refresher - This tool is used to perform code challenges and test candidates on the same. These challenges are designed in such a way that they represent a work sample and test the candidates ability to perform in a realistic scenario. 
  2. Project Code Challenges - This tool allows users to test candidates on a series of challenges and assessments which are relevant to the given role. This is delivered to the candidates as a fully tied together assessment.
  3. Qualified Smart IDE - An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is either web-based or desktop-based. Qualified has introduced the Smart IDE which bridges the gap between web editors and desktop editors. They have modified their existing web-based IDE and added intelligent and useful development tools to improve the candidate’s coding experience.  

Features of Qualified

Q&A Challenge Refresher

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Timed Questions to prevent researching
  • Custom weights to allow partial credits
  • Free Text Questions
  • Validation of Free Text answers
  • Set Time limits for challenges
  • Randomize question order
  • Questions points and scoring 

Project Code Challenges

  • Multiple file editing
  • Real-time web previews
  • Customizable challenges and assessments
  • Optional time limits
  • Detailed instructions
  • Real tests with real results
  • Detailed Scoring
  • Compare Codes option
  • Front-end Results
  • Go Back in time (rewind candidate’s work)
  • Share your opinion
  • Testing results

Qualified Smart IDE

  • Code Completion
  • Hinting and Error Checking
  • Inline Documentation 

Qualified pricing

Custom pricing

Free version availability

14-day free trial available

Suitable for

Small, Medium, Large, and MSME


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