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iSmartRecruit product overview

iSmartRecruit is an advanced HR management tool that offers self-service, digital recruitment software. Remote working means that tasks like employer branding and applicant tracking can be managed online, which is really convenient. It's perfect for companies who want to save time and resources on their HR needs.

One of the main reasons that iSmartRecruit is the best ATS is because of the kinds of onboarding processes and training programs it provides. Instead of just sitting you down and explaining features, they take a bit more time to understand your business needs first.

They take care to customize their system to meet your requirements and offer you the best hands-on experience possible. They also help educate new employees by providing unlimited training sessions. 

Unlike other providers out there, the pricing for iSmartRecruit services is more tailored to your needs rather than flat rates. This allows flexibility and ensures that you're getting all of the features you need from our platform at a price that's affordable for your business. 

The software provides first-class service, tailor-training sessions to make sure you are put in the right frame of mind for operating the system, and plenty of room for expansion. There are no limitations on the scale either.

iSmartRecruit's main benefits are a streamlined workflow, ease of use, advanced marketing, and much better productivity.

Streamlined workflow

iSmartRecruit streamlines work by automating tasks, managing workflow, and easily dealing with hundreds or even thousands of applicants. Users don't need to print out anything. You can be fully digital and never worry about documents getting lost in the applicant tracking process.

Ease of use

Their easy-to-use HR dashboard simplifies a lot of tasks and manages your entire hiring process in one place. With its slick design, a single glance will give you all the essential candidate data. The whole purpose of the iSmartRecruit platform is to make recruiting easier. It will be easy for less technically savvy users without any prior experience with software to navigate this project - the interface is ergonomic and user-friendly. 

Advanced marketing

With iSmartRecruit, you can be sure that your job postings are going to the right people. In addition to marketing tools, recruitment features come with this service.


Their software can be utilized by all sorts of businesses, no matter what size they are or what industry they work in. It also offers the option to either host or uses the cloud, meaning clients have a range of different ways to utilize it.

Features of iSmartRecruit

Streamlined workflow

  • Workflow management
  • Automated tasks

Candidate screening

  • Applicant tracking
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Recruiting CRM

Team handling

  • Team collaboration
  • Reporting
  • Compliance portal
  • Artificial intelligence

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