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Circa product overview

Circa offers different types of products and services such as affirmative action plans, Diversity outreach, Diversity sourcing, Employer branding, etc.

Advancing belonging and inclusion: create a workplace that is inclusive, complete with a DEI calendar, content guides, and other resources for ongoing staff engagement.

Application tracking system: Monitor and report on the sources of your best candidates. Design unique disposition codes to track the recruiting procedure. Also, improve the candidate experience, identify strong candidates using pre- and post-application questionnaires.

DEI strategy, analytics, and engagement: Identify the plan's shortcomings and establish an inclusive workplace culture using our specialized turnkey solution. Determine what effect employee engagement and retention will have on your business.

Diversity outreach: Through Circa programs and allies that support diversity initiatives, increase diversity in hiring. Keep track of outreach to local groups that support women, LGBTQIA people, veterans, and other groups. Candidates are ranked according to how closely their qualifications fit your hiring needs. Before ad publishing, a job description is reviewed to remove any potential biases. Blind candidate screening with several variables suppressed, including age, education, gender, and ethnicity.

Documentation: explicit documentation of outreach efforts and dialogue. Having a personal conversation with the company to apply for the role. A breakdown of contacts with the organization, applicants, referrals, and hires.

Employer Branding: As a featured employee, display your company's name and logo on the first page. To gain more exposure, share your upcoming professional events for free and appear in speedier job search results.

Features of Circa

Advancing belonging and inclusion

  • List of all DEI celebrations, festivals, and awareness dates
  • Templates for ready-to-use communications to include the workforce
  • Each event's instructional materials including staff action items
  • Event planning guide for practitioners with ideas and suggestions to promote reverence and regard for the effected group

Application tracking system

  • Track and update on your best sources for applicants
  • Create unique disposition codes to track the recruitment process
  • Make a better candidate experience via post-application and pre-screening questions to identify good candidates

DEI strategy, analytics, and engagement

  • Increase inclusivity 
  • Create better strategy for employee satisfaction 
  • Enhance employee retention

Diversity sourcing

  • Depending on how closely candidates' talents fit your job qualifications, candidates are ranked
  • Before posting an ad, the job description was checked to remove any potential biases
  • Blind applicant screening includes censored information on race, gender, education level, age, and other criteria


  • Specific records of outreach efforts and interactions
  • Personal contact with employers to fill roles
  • Organizational contacts, candidate recommendations, and hires broken down

Employer Branding

  • As a notable employer, display your organization's logo and name on the home page
  • Utilize featured tags to be displayed first in job search results
  • To gain more visibility, share your forthcoming events regarding your career for free.

Circa pricing

Single Job Posting - $295

Job Posting Packages - $840

Diversity Recruiting, Sourcing & Compliance Subscription - $6995

Free version availability

Not available

Suitable for

Circa is suitable for small, medium, and all large organizations.


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