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Leading Recruiting Platform in G2’s Summer 2022 reports.

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Sense product overview

Sense is an automated AI-powered talent engagement platform to help enterprise recruitment teams to personalize their interaction with talent. It helps to fill job roles with qualified candidates with AI-driven matching, real-time candidate alerts and automated screening.

  1. Engage: Helps to ensure personalised real-time experiences by engaging candidates across different channels and visualizing, creating and automating talent journeys.
  2. Text Messaging: Sense messaging helps to seamlessly move from 1:1 messaging to broadcasts and engages talent through automated check-ins.
  3. AI Chatbot: The conversational AI helps automate the tedious recruitment process and maximize recruiter efficiency.
  4. Discover: Search and match AI helps to connect qualified talent and open job roles.
  5. Referrals: It helps to expand talent pipeline with efficient referrals while reducing job board expenditure.
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Features of Sense


  • Helps to create dynamic journeys by replacing manual tasks with efficient cross-channel journeys which engage your talent with your message at the perfect time.
  • Helps to create a uniquely engaging content with automated segmentation, personalization and drag and drop design editor.
  • Automated messages and workflow matching the candidate’s profile information.
  • Accessibility to tracking NPS and correlate with response and engagement data to discover drivers that are unavailable in annual surveys.
  • The analytics with inbuilt dashboard spots engagement trends, delivers insighrs and uncovers hiring roadblocks.
  • Gives you real-time data from ATS.

Text Messaging

  • Reach and communicate with more candidates with personalised text messages that helps drive 5X more responses.
  • Schedule dynamic multiple broadcasting campaigns at once.
  • A shared inbox helps you assign multiple contacts and collaborate seamlessly.
  • Easy filters and search helps to target precisely
  • Seperate your work and personal messages through the Sense mobile app.
  • Access the current candidate profile data in real time.

AI Chatbot

  • NLP ensures a superior candidate experience.
  • Easy availability of the chatbot engages 100% of your candidates.
  • Helps in automating the interview scheduling and screening process.
  • You can track conversational data.


  • Helps to connect with matching candidates based on a few questions.
  • Provides the silver medalist candidates with additional jobs
  • Supports re-deployment efforts


  • Launches multi-channel, branded campaigns in no time.
  • Submitting referrals quick and simple
  • One dashboard for rewards and payouts.

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Suitable for

Small, medium and large, MSME 

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