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TimeTap product overview

With its client-centered approach and strong online scheduling features, TimeTap automates appointment scheduling for your business. A professional booking page, dynamic calendars, and lists to help you navigate and manage your time make it simple to schedule customers.

Products of Timetap

  • Different staff calendars

Create a single booking site that incorporates each employee's booking page. Add employees so they may control their own calendars and yet have access to appointments and coverage through a single organization login.

  • Text and email messenger automation 

Create automatic emails for appointment reminders, next steps, and appointment follow-up. You can personalize the message you send in any email and the time the message is generated.

  • Waitlist automated

You won't ever have to be concerned about empty seats or missed money due to cancellations thanks to our waitlist function. When a seat becomes available, our platform can offer a waitlist and instantly send a booking invitation to waiting registrants.

  • Calendar sync 2-way

When times are reserved on your TimeTap planner or on your work email calendar, our solution effortlessly changes availability. This eliminates the need for manual calendar adjustments to prevent double bookings.

  • Calculator for travel time

When your appointments are held at various locations, timetaps system uses Google Maps to determine the commute between them and automatically modifies your availability to account for the journey time.

Features of TimeTap

Different staff calendars

  • 24/7 Online Booking
  • Client Management
  • Automated Appointment Waitlists
  • Repeating Appointments
  • Flexible Availability
  • 2-Way External Calendar Sync

Text and email messenger automation

  • Customized Travel Time Booking Sites
  • Numerous appointments
  • Multiple Places
  • Receiving Payments

Waitlist automated

  • Effective Class Scheduling
  • Email and Text Alerts
  • Campaigns for Automatic Recall
  • Embed codes for a scheduler and exportable list views
  • Forms & Waivers for Disclaimers
  • Public Restful API

Calendar sync 2-way

  • Individualized Booking Forms
  • iOS & Android Apps that Support Multiple Time Zones
  • Multi-day Seminars or Courses
  • Location & Staff Filters by Zip Code

Calculator for travel time

  • Internationalization
  • strict security
  • Simple to Use
  • Excellent Support

TimeTap pricing


  • (individual) 1 Staff 1 Location, $24.95/mo (monthly) or $22.45/mo (annual)
  • (Group) 5 Staff 5 Locations, $39.95/mo (monthly) or $35.95/mo (annual)


  • (Individual) 1 Staff 1 Location, $44.95/mo (monthly) or $40.45/mo (annual)
  • (Group) 5 Staff 5 Locations, $74.95/mo (monthly) or $67.45/mo (annual)

Enterprise options are furthermore offered and customized to meet your needs.

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