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eSkill product overview

The eSkill Talent Assessment Platform can help organizations improve their hiring metrics by giving them insightful assessments that help with the process of hiring and help potential candidates figure out if they are a good fit. 

With custom test centers, clients have a unique place to set up assessments that are targeted at their best customers. Clients get the option of assessing what they want while also gaining insights into their customers and collecting quality data. They can offer questions that simulate work-related situations and offer video coaching to get a complete view of your communication skills.

eSkill works with many different types of organizations, including companies in many industries, like staffing, non-profit, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and customer service/call centers. Their solution is also proficient in helping you serve the public sector.

Pre-employment Assessments 

Shorten hiring processes by 60% and cut costs by 70%. Employment assessments that are in compliance with regulations and skill tests that are extremely accurate.

Skills Testing 

Choose applicants who can efficiently keep, retrieve, and store information as well as accurately input data.

Video Response Questions

Evaluate the candidate as a whole rather than simply their abilities and experience by using video answer questions in assessments.

Behavioral Assessments 

Comprehensive pre-employment and behavioral tests can be used to forecast candidates' performance after hiring.

Employee Development 

Assessments of job skills can be used for more than just recruiting. They can also be used to expedite new employee onboarding and determine your staff's training and development requirements.

Improving Training 

Employees will be more engaged if they believe they are well-matched and skilled at their jobs. This will reduce turnover and increase productivity. Employees who are engaged and productive give you more time to focus on core business activities.

Cognitive Aptitude 

Choose the qualified applicants who will best serve your organization's needs. Fill in knowledge gaps across your organization, and interview several candidates.

Features of eSkill

Skills Testing

Automatic Grading

Candidate Comparison

Testing Tools

Pre-recorded Messages

Aptitude Testing

Pre-made Test Library

Video Response Questions

Live Video Interview

Video Q&A

Panel Interviews

Video Conferencing

Video Streaming

Behavioral Assessments

Progress Tracking


Question Library


Improvement Training

Skill Testing

Surveys & Feedback

Individualized Assessments

Assessment management

eSkill pricing

Starts at $100/mo billed annually

Free version availability


Suitable for

Medium and large businesses


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