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Brazen product overview

HR and talent acquisition strategy

With Brazen's virtual event platform, you can attract top talent, grow your team more quickly, and foster larger-scale interactions. Virtual hiring events are ideal for encouraging internal mobility and onboarding programmes and can give your team a strong approach to engage with various talent communities and war veterans. Additionally, online benefit fairs give your human resources department the materials it needs to educate 

Government and workforce solutions

The local and regional economy depend on workforce development agencies and state-level unemployment services. By connecting employers with outstanding talent in your area through multi-company virtual career fairs, online skill development programmes, and much more, Brazen assists your team in helping local job seekers find meaningful employment.

Membership group and job board services

Brazen gives you the tools you need to build interactive online career fairs that further the goals of your organization and benefit your members. Additionally, the Brazen platform is the best option for creating continuing education courses, holding member-to-member networking events, and much more.

University and college solutions

With the aid of Brazen's online event software, you may interact with students and alumni whether you work in career services, alumni advancement, admissions, or student affairs. Learn how prestigious schools and institutions are interacting with top applicants through online admissions events, moving student orientation online, organizing virtual career fairs with Fortune 500 firms, offering engaging alumni networking opportunities, and much more.

Features of Brazen

Virtual Hiring Event

  • Create amazing candidate experience.
  • Set up a set of events to conclude on a certain day or continue indefinitely.
  • Specifically designed landing pages that are optimized to attract interested prospects to sign up for your virtual event complement your corporate brand.

Live Video Broadcasting

  • Activate our built-in discussion stream to participate in real-time. Respond to applicant inquiries, keep an eye on feedback, and remain attentive during the presentation.
  • Panel discussions or webinars with several presenters can include up to four presenters.
  • Within the framework of your virtual hiring event, livestream webinars. No need for third-party integrations.

Virtual Job Fair

  • Tracking links make sure that your recruitment marketing budget is being used efficiently. Determine which marketing strategies attract more candidates and use them more often.
  • With our job req plugin, you can automatically promote your online events on your job postings.

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