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Talemetry product overview


Utilize a CRM that can help you identify and engage the proper talent before your company needs them to get a jump start on new requests. Increase hiring effectiveness while minimizing expenditures and physical labor associated with hiring.

Easily post your job openings to more than 20 job boards, including ones for specialized audiences and sectors. Assemble the details of candidates from several resume databases into a single candidate record. Engage candidates where they are most receptive, whether that is through social media, email, or text.

Strong Analytics

You can make better-educated decisions that result in more predictable hiring outcomes because of the unprecedented depth of Jobvite's recruiting data. Better visibility, clever automation, and a shorter time to hire are all made possible by actionable insights across the Jobvite platform.

Peer Evaluation

Based on Jobvite's database of more than 150 million job seekers, forecast and illustrate your recruiting performance relative to your peers. Based on firm size and industry, Jobvite's Company Quarterly Recruiting Benchmark research provides context for comparing hiring performance from quarter to quarter with that of other organizations.

Video Screening

The applicant screening procedure is accelerated, improved, and made more consistent with Jobvite's on-demand video screening tool. This functionality makes the process seamless and simple for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates alike because it is the only video screening solution that is built directly into an ATS.

Features of Talemetry


  • Meet candidates where they are
  • Transform uninterested applicants into active talent
  • Accommodates businesses of all sizes

Strong Analytics

  • Relevant insights
  • Peer evaluation
  • Access to data directly

Peer Evaluation

  • Internal Mobility
  • Maximize employee experience
  • Gain mobility insights
  • Retain your best

Video Screening

  • Quicker screen
  • Screen collaboratively

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Small, medium, and large, MSME.


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