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Great Lakes, Northeastern US


ERIN raised seed funding $5,000,000

ERIN product overview

Erin is an intelligent employee referral platform that optimizes your employee referral programme to deliver higher-quality, longer-tenure prospects at a fraction of the expense of traditional recruiting. When using an application platform that notifies employees about new positions, allows them to make referrals, and tracks referral bonuses, the company's clients can automatically keep employees in the loop with automated email and mobile notifications and remove the burden of employee referrals for both employees and administrators. Erin was founded in 2018 and is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

  1. Automation Management

It streamlines employee recommendations and automates everything for administrators. Employees may search for new positions, monitor referrals and bonuses, and take use of our internal mobility capabilities.

  1. Email and Text Referrals

Give your staff the ability to create referrals in as little as 30 seconds. Employees may send referrals by text message or email with the press of a button. The applicant may accept the reference from any phone or browser and be prompted to apply immediately.

  1. Referral Tracking

Employees and supervisors may see whether or not referrals have been accepted, as well as where they are in the process.Recruitment expenses are greatly reduced when the staff is used for recommendations.

  1. Unique share links & social media integrated

The application includes automatic emails, real-time notifications, participation incentives, ATS connections, a Dashboard, Referral Management tools, and other features.

Features of ERIN

Automation Management:

  • It enables the customer's personnel to manage their employee referral programme.
  • Enables workers to generate better referrals more quickly.

Email and Text Referrals:

  • Bonus tracking and smart referrals.
  • Identifies new prospects from their connections.
  • Delivers notifications for faster outcomes

Referral Tracking:

  • Enhance the brand identity 
  • Manages culture of their clients by customizing their emails and the ERIN site.

Unique share links & Social media integrated:

  • Users may propose recommendations by adding contacts from their phone.
  • Users can use LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook accounts.

ERIN pricing

Growth - $500/month

Scale - $875/month

Enterprise - Custom

Free version availability


Suitable for

Small, medium and large, MSME etc


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