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Continu product overview

Continu develops and designs future-thinking learning software that resolves the workplace issues. Continu was founded by Scott Berges and team after having observed the requirements and needs that was witnessed in the manner in which users interact with typical legacy tools, that are often too complicated, clunky and annoying to use. This organization reflects what the future generations employees workforce should behave and be like, employees that are more connected, social and mobile. The main products of Continu are:

  • Employee Training: With their employee training platform, Continu helps upskill employees. This platform helps to take employee training to the next level while helping to upskill faster.
  • Employee Onboarding: The organization automates the entire onboarding process making it a breeze. Now Onboarding of employees is very easy for new recruits with automated workflows, ongoing training, and real time analytics. Your organization can make the onboarding process easy for new hires by walking them through crucial training such as compliance with automated workflows.
  • Customer Training: With Continu you can be sure to retain your top customers. You can now share and also offer training materials easily by making use of powerful automation, assignment, and discovery features. Training is not mandatory only for internal teams. Design training initiatives that help minimize customer support costs, build healthier customer relationships, and higher retention rates.
  •  Sales Training: With Sales training, Continu ensures that one can take the sales team from onboarding to closing as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. An organization can enable and equip their sales team with everything they require. Sales teams the key factors of driving revenue for you organization, and the faster the team ramps, and closes the deal, the better it is for your business-wide goals. Continu helps you build sales training courses, consolidate learning materials, and measure progress in real-time.

Features of Continu

Employee Training

  • Powerful Learning Workflows
  • Personalized Learning & More
  • Real-Time Measurement & Tracking
  • Automated Learning Journey
  • Integrate with Your Tech Stack
  • Access 1000s of Courses

Employee Onboarding

  • Complete onboarding in a few clicks.
  • Share critical knowledge with new hires.
  • Segment Content by Teams
  • Automated Workflows
  • Responsive Design
  • Track Progress in Real-Time

Customer Training

  • Build Customer-Focused Learning Tracks
  • Conduct Virtual & In-person Workshops
  • Train in Your CRM
  •  Integrate with Tools Your Customers Use

Sales Training

  • Integrate with Your Tech Stack
  • Access 1000s of Courses
  • Automated Learning Journey
  • Personalized Learning & More

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