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EBS PaySuite product overview

It is a cloud-based HRMS solution which manages HR, payroll, time and labour hiring and onboarding for the company's workforce

  1. Payroll Management: Payroll automation allows companies to perform and track payroll processes with ease.
  2. Human Resource Management: It is a robust solution for companies struggling to manage the complex needs of the HR department.
  3. Hiring and Onboarding: It allows you to swiftly transition your talented candidates to new hires with tools that enhance new hire engagement and productivity.
  4. Time and Labor Management: It helps to efficiently manage your workforce while helping you to track employees’ time and attendance.
  5. Reports and dashboards: These help the end-users to stay competitive with real-time analytics.
  6. Consulting Services: It helps in effective project management with tested methodology.
  7. Partner Programs: It offers partnership opportunities even if you are a reseller, want to learn about strategic relationship building or else.
  8. Training and Support: You can go through training for EBS solutions.

Features of EBS PaySuite

Payroll Management

  • Keeps track of pay rates
  • Manages pay rates
  • Easy-to-use reporting
  • Tracks employee benefits
  • Archives employee information
  • Calculates tax withholdings

Human Resource Management

  • Position control and tracking information based on positions
  • Easily  track and manage employee compensation
  • Update employee data and store the history
  • Multi-location and currency support

Hiring and Onboarding

  • No need for emails and PDFs
  • Flexible and customizable job applicants
  • Easy integration with your website
  • Quickly find qualified candidates to fill up your job position
  • Save money on new hires with the help of Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program integration.

Time and Labor Management

  • EBSTime is completely configurable, easy to install and can be implemented within weeks.
  • Cost accounting codes are tracked via the Job transfer feature and exported to the General Ledger application.
  • It is 508 compliant.

Reports and dashboards

  • Automatic scheduled and alert-based reporting
  • Tenant, role, group and individually based rights, sharing and security controls
  • Global reports and dashboards template controls
  • Air-tight row-level data security
  • Numerous filter options and controls

Consulting Services

  • Measures integration and deployment of your application within weeks.
  • Easy installation and ideal server configuration
  • Data can be obtained from various data providers

Partner Programs

  • EBS referral partners can register a qualified lead and provide relevant information.
  • EBS sales partners can manage sales processes, be involved in lead generation, pre-sales activities etc
  • EBS service partners can train clients on EBS solutions

Training and Support

  • EBS helps you to educate your admin users as you introduce new software.

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