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EdApp product overview

EdApp is your all-in-one learning management system designed to help you deliver top-notch onboarding, training, and learning content to your teams, no matter the device, location, or Internet connection. 

1. Learning portal

Deliver highly-targeted microlearning courses to engage your team and help them hit milestones faster. All in a format that works for them – no matter the device.

2. Group training

Automatically track in-person attendance with Group Training.

3. Editable course library

Explore our comprehensive course library to deliver the best training material to your team.

4. Practical assessment

Assess your team members skills on the job and track their progress in EdApp

5. Creation Tool

It will help in creating engaging contents in minutes

6. Analytics Suits

Access all your learning data at a glance

Features of EdApp

Learning portal

  • Mobile learning  - your team can complete anytime.
  • Bite sized training - your team can finish in under 5 minutes
  • Learn from the best with peer and social learning

Group training

  • Set up in seconds
  • Get your team to mark their attendance
  • Be compliant by default

Editable course library

  • Access to leading courses

Practical assessment

  • Automatically track in person training
  • Asses your team from your mobile device
  • Asses your team on the job with practical assessments

Creation Tool

  • Built and backed by learning science
  • Create beautiful courses by default.

Analytics Suits

  • Track compliance
  • Spot problems early
  • Design better learning outcomes with built in reporting and analytics

EdApp pricing

Do it yourself - $2.95 per active user/  month

Managed - $2.95 - $5.95 per active user /  month

Enterprise custom - $5.95 - $10.50 per active user / month

Free version availability


Suitable for

Small, medium, and all large organizations


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