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November 2011

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November 2011


San Francisco, United States


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Gusto product overview

Gusto is an online modern business solution offering an integrated platform to hire, insure, pay and support your team.

  1. Payroll: automated deductions, tax filing and direct deposit
  2. Employee benefits: health benefits, 401(k)s, automatic savings etc.
  3. HR experts: Direct access to expert  HR professionals and other resources
  4. Time and attendance: time tracking and time-off requests
  5. Hiring and onboarding: checklists, offer letters, software setup etc.
  6. Talent management: performance reviews and reports
  7. Insights and reporting: data-driven reports and guidance
  8. Workers' comp: Team protection in case of injury
  9. Integrations: Connectivity with your software and tools.

Features of Gusto


  • Automatic filing and sending of your payroll taxes.
  • Best customer service.
  • Check everyone's hours and wages
  • See time offs and approvals.
  • Take note of how much is taken out of your bank
  • Timers about changing tax laws.
  • Auto deposit of your employee's pay.
  • Transparent pricing.

Employee benefits

  • Build the right benefits package for your team.
  • The wallet app takes care of the financial health of your employee's.
  • Broker integration
  • Health insurance administration
  • HSA and FSA
  • Paycheck splitter between multiple accounts.

HR experts

  • Low sales and HR guides to avoid fines and stay compliant.
  • Get quick answers and resources from experts
  • Avoid expensive compliance mistakes.

Time and Attendance

  • Verify hours with geolocation
  • Automatically sync with payroll
  • Log employee hours

Hiring and onboarding

  • Public job posts and personalized offer letters
  • Onboarding checklists
  • Software provisioning tools
  • Integration of application tracking software

Talent management

  • Proactively give and receive feedback
  • Help employees identify opportunities, develop skills and grow in their careers.
  • Retain talented employees with performance reviews.

Insights and reporting

  • Employee surveys to gauge performance
  • Survey trend analysis to compare survey results over time.
  • Build customized report templates to save time.
  • Project tracking and workforce costing tools for better understanding
  • Uncover hidden tax credits by integrating with industry leaders.

Workers' comp

  • Apply online, sync your policy to payroll and ease your cash flow.
  • Covers your team's medical expenses and wage replacement in case of injuries.
  • Stay updated with federal, state and local requirements.


  • Integration with most of your favourite software.

Gusto pricing

Simple: ₹2880/ month (

Plus: ₹5760/ month

Free version availability


Suitable for

Small, medium and large, MSME etc.


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