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High Performer in the Summer 2022 Grid for virtual IT labs by G2

Instruqt product overview

Virtual IT Lab

Virtual IT Lab provides customers with a Challenge-Driven and Hands-On learning platform, to propel their product led growth (PLG) strategy to better sell their products. It allows organizations to provide their employees with access to the latest hardware and software regardless of where they are located. This is especially useful for companies that have employees working in different geographical locations or traveling frequently. They also allow companies to provide access to the latest technologies without having to invest in expensive equipment.

Features of Instruqt

It provides a platform that

  • Works with a wide range of technologies
  • Provides real-time access to multiple Cloud providers
  • Is easy to use
  • Unfurls sandboxes on the move
  • Is maintenance free
  • Provides the benefit of a private sandbox
  • Is flexible and scalable
  • Easy, incremental, and usage-based payment options

Helps develop simple and scalable content which

  • Are Beginners friendly
  • Provides holistic learning
  • Have ready-to-use templates
  • Provides a challenging learning environment
  • Facilitates company branding

Facilitates integration with

  • Open API for increased productivity
  • the flexibility of embedding additional training materials to propel demand
  • Webhook facility to provide real-time customer data

Provides Access Management

  • That is Enterprise Ready – a simple invite system, member management
  • Ease of control to regulate User access and sharing
  • Ease of external content sharing

Enables tracking and reporting through

  • Visibility of content performance and success
  • Ensuring data security and accountability
  • Promoting user-friendly feedback

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